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After 12 years online, I’m somewhat proud to know that my website CaptainsVoyage main-page has certainly become its own small trade mark and a well known site for many people from all over the world, whether private or in business. Since the first launch a decade ago, the lay-out have changed a couple of times in line with trends and helpful website creators. 

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The stories within here are all mine, and even though the opinions may not be correct, they are mine at the time of writing. That doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind over time, we all live and continously evolve as people and as individuals. Neverthless, I kindly ask the readers to respect my point of view wether you agree or not, as much as I also respect that your opinions and tastes may be different from mine. 

No matter your reason for coming to this site, I humbly thank you all for coming, and for spending some time here with me. In closing, I would also like to welcome you back here again and again, in the future.  


Captain Jan-Olav, aka Captain Bank

Latest update of CaptainsVoyage.com: February 22nd 2021.

These are the latest site-updates:

February 22nd 2021: Updated NCL 50+ years timeline. 

February 21st 2021: Updated NCL 50+ years timeline. 
February 20th 2021: Updated SS Norway timeline. 

September 20th 2020: Updated NCL 50+ years timeline. 
September 6th 2020: Crystal Cruises page updated, NCL 50+ years updated, new page created "The Rise and Fall of Royal Viking Line". 
August 13th 2020: Several new updates and additions to SS Norway timeline.

May 23rd 2020: Updated SS Norway timeline, May 16th 1980. 

April 27th 2020: Updated NCL 50+ years timeline. 

April 2nd 2020: Updated SS Norway timeline, date August 4th 2019. 

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