CS Baltic Adventure

Some years ago, before I started using vimeo for my films instead, I used to have a so-called youtube-channel. On this old youtube-channel of mine, you can still find and see a few of my earliest films. I have planned uploading them to my vimeo account instead some day, but so far, I haven’t prioritized that project yet.†

In the film below, entiteled Crystal Symphony Baltic Adventure, you can see some of my Baltic cruise memories as seen from the crew side of things. It may not be a top-notch professional film, but it certainly takes my memory back to the years working for the World’s Best.†

At the time of this post, the film has only had some 510 views but I certainly hope that number will increase in the future. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that many others might also enjoy watching the almost 9 minute long film.†

Please enjoy watching my Crystal family: a family I’m so proud of and a family that I will never, ever forget.†

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