1 year + 2 days ago

Exactly one year and two days ago, on July 15th 2017 my trusted Toyota Hilux was on it's very last trip under my ownership. Within the next couple of days, the car would find a new home at Namsos, and I would take ownership of my new car. 

The car - a Toyota Hilux, also known both as the THAI-lux and Glenn, drove it’s final excursion under my ownership to my father’s cabin in the mountains to deliver goods. 

At the time of this trip, I didn’t know yet that this would be the last trip with the Hilux. A few days later, all the remaining pieces of the puzzle suddenly lined up and fell into their appropriate places. Unlike the previous times when I tried selling Rolf (the Opel Vectra) and later Åge (the Volvo V50), over several months, this car was sold very quickly. From the moment I posted the sales-add online, the phone rang non-stop for hours. 

Less than a day after posting the add, it was sold and already on the way to Namsos, while I hurried packing my bag and getting ready for the night train to Oslo.  

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