A week in review

Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s Sunday again, and that means it’s time to review my week. Here is my iPHONE download as of Sunday night. There ain’t many images this time, because it’s been a really busy week with so much happening, as always. 

First stop is a horrible image of a F16 fighter jet that flew over the town twice in formation with others. As always, these jets are sometimes hard to spot - you hear them before you see them, and by then, they are gone. 

2018 04 24 F16-IMG 8301

The next set of image from my phone-camera were taken at Ladekaia - a new café located by the Trondheim’s fjord (Trondheimsfjorden). This location is not central at all, but frequented by many of the people walking a trial we call “Ladestien”. This wonderful trail popular by walkers, runners and bikers alike, follows the fjord all the way to Ranheim. Ladekaia has become a really popular venue with great beer and delicious coffee, sandwiches and pastries. The actual structure used to be an ammunitions storage during WW2. 


And here is a part of the so-called trail known as “Ladestien” - I had a good, long run this week right here, only stopping once to get this shot for you all. 

2018 04 24 Ladestien-IMG 8303

On another walk this week, I walked by the Equilibrium-monument located on the only hill at Ladehammeren, just above/behind the former nautical academy. 

2018 04 25 Equilibro Lade-IMG 8336

On that same walk, I came across a really beautiful truck that apperantly is being used by PostNord. From my childhood, I remember these to be extremely popular and perhaps also “beautiful”(?). 

Also seen at Ladehammeren is this monument. It was originally located next to Our Lady’s Church in town (Vår Frues Kirke), but some genious minds decided it was better that it was moved to this location. I think it’s absolutely NOT the best location as it is obviously a favourite place to go tagging by people who have no respect for others property. 

2018 04 25 Ladehammeren-IMG 8348

Another day, another time - I returned to Ladekaia to have coffee and to meet up with a colleague of mine, to discuss business strategies. A business meeting so to say. 

Later in the week, on another walk, I walked by this beauty: a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, a super-car with a 6-litre engine and 560 hP! There is some serious money also in Trondheim. 

Finally, wrapping up the week report with another wonderful classic: a WV Beetle 1302 LS. Not only that, but this one is a convertible as well! UPDATE: From information I have been able to collect, this WV was actually imported to Norway back in April 2003, and has today clocked up some 90K kilometeres since the end of 2005 when it apparently got an engine change. 

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