An-124 at ENVA

Today, Sunday February 21st 2016 an Antonov 124 came to Trondheim Airport Stjørdal to unload military vehicles for the Cold Response 2016 military excercise. The gigantic transport aircraft will also be arriving again tomorrow, Monday, and on Tuesday, to deliver more cargo. These are some of the 628 images I took today: kindly accept them as teasers. The larger sized images will eventually be shared at CaptainsVoyage Forum once time permits. 

I have found myself a different vantage point than other planespotters, so to avoid taking the exactly same images they do. The downside to being so far away is that you don’t get to hear - and feel - the full roar of the engines, the smell of it’s exhaust and the great wide angle shots. 

The departure was set to be at 15:30 hours and as I was looking for yet another place to capture the departure, a thought started creeping into my mind. What if they are not taking off towards the fjord, and to the east instead? I started my car up again, knowing I still had plenty time before it’s scheduled departure. As I got closer to the airport again, I saw they had already started taxiing to take off position, a good 50 minutes before their schedule, for a take off towards to the east. Suddenly I was in a hurry to find a new spot, and I ended up near the bridge across the river by Prestmovegen, just as the plane took off. I was thankfully quite pleased with the impromptu departure pictures.  

Antonov 124 aircrafts have also several times in the past visited our airport (see past entry here).

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