- and now, over to FASHION

It seems like one sure way to increase blog popularity is to start writing about fashion, make up or plastic surgery. So, without any further introduction, here is my first “fashion-entry”.†

I noticed this cool-looking, almost alien-inspired jacket circulated on Internet last night. It’s commonly referred to as a “goggle-jacket” or “jacket with built-in goggles”, and when you google it, a lot of entries will be available for you, including many on e-bay. At first, I thought this must be really cool to wear because: 1) nobody else in Trondheim have it 2) it must stay comfortably warm inside even on the coldest of days, and 3) it would scare the hellu’va out of anybody you would meet on your evening walk in the darkness. Number 3 is perhaps the best reason to choose this jacket! †

But then again, won’t you sufficate inside? (LOL)†

Finally, don’t ask me when I’ll start writing about make up. LOL

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Oh, yes, it’s Usher Raymond inside that jacket in this image.†

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