Antonov 124 in the skies above Trondheim

I had all intentions of going to the airport to witness the announced arrival of the AN-124 today. The aircraft which is one of the world’s largest serial-produced aircrafts, was scheduled to land at 11:20, but as time got closer, I had no chance of making it.†

Instead, at 11:10 I suddenly became aware of a large rumbling sound, and looked skywards. There she was, on final approach and low above Trondheim city. I thought to myself, shall I take a photo or not? Is there enough time? I looked over at the camera which had the wide angle still attached. I would have to grab the camera, get the zoom out, rapidly change lenses, turn the camera on and aim!†

After thinking about it for 1 second or 2, I decided to at least try. I managed to get this one shot, just about 1.2 seconds before it went out of my view! Not a super-duper shot per say, but still….

I hope to get a new chance tomorrow as the aircraft is scheduled to take off at 13:20.†

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