Boeing 747-400 at TRD

In a free moment during an otherwise busy day, I checked the local paper for the latest news. One article caught my attention: a large aircraft was expected to arrive at TRD within the next 90 minutes. A Boeing 747 is a truly rare event at TRD, and is quickly also becoming a rare event many other places around the world.†

The aircraft from National Airlines was a Boeing 747-428 cargo plane, and arrived from the US Marines base at Cherry Point, North Carolina. The aircraft was expected to depart after a few hours bound for Chicago ORD.†

At first, I thought they were arriving with soldiers for their base at TRD, but as it is a cargo version, I guess it’s something else that they are carrying.†

More images will eventually be uploaded to my TRD spotter thread at CaptainsVoyage Forum.†

Also a video at my youtube-channel:

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