CinemaSins and EWW

EEW - or Everything Wrong With - of popular movies is discussed in a youtube channel called CinemaSins. Currently at the time of this post, there are some 163 uploads to the channel, and as the avid movie buff I think I am, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everything that is wrong with many of the movies that I’ve seen. 

It certainly takes a detail-oriented person to find all these “mistakes” and make these clever observations. It surprises me as well that such an expencive product as a movie-production actually is, contains so many errors and “cliché-scenes”. It also impresses me that people take so much time out of their life to find, prepare and create these kinds of films. To find all these errors and prepare the below clips, you most certainly have spent a lot of time watching the movies several times. 

I lift my hat off in respect to the man behind CinemaSins, and sends a big thank you for letting me understand that the films I thought was well made, actually are full of faults. Perhaps I should be more observant myself when watching cinemas in the future? 

Here is a selection of great uploads from the channel: 

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