Completing the summer escape

Good evening my dear friends and readers, 

As of this moment, I have now completed the (so far) 9 page long thread with my images from the 2014 Summer Escape to the Western Coast of Norway. I hope you will enjoy the 232 images in this thread and that they may give you some enjoyment during this Holiday Season. Personally, this trip was a dream come true in every respect of the word. Firstly because of the absolutely perfect weather throughout the entire trip, but also more importantly, because of the hikes I had been dreaming of doing for so long. The absolutely biggest moment was the hike to TROLLVEGGEN (the Troll’s Wall), with the hike to HOMLONGSÆTRA as a close second runner up. 

The below sample-images are just that: samples. If you wish to see all the images and to see them in larger format, you do need to go to the link above. 

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