Current location of the DOULOS

If you go searching AIS-ship tracking-sites such as MarineTraffic, you will see that the veteran ship Doulos’ last voyage was from New Orleans (US) to Singapore. Apparently, her voyage started in New Orleans on October 11th 2015, while her arrival at Singapore is not shown. Last position from the ship was recorded on January 12th 2016, and the location appears to be just off Sabang, Western Sumatra, Indonesia.†

From what I believe, her class was removed at Singapore, and the Doulos was laid up for some time awaiting a future fate.

Today, the ship has been “dragged" on to dry land at Batam, Indonesia, and is in the process of being converted into a †hotel. From this article about the ship on wikipedia I pulled this text:†

In February 2016 the ship was officially renamed Doulos Phos The Hotel and began conversion into a luxury hotel. The conversion is expected to retain the ship's bridge and engine room as part of the Maritime Heritage Museum. Decks A and B will be used as the hotel. Two restaurants capable of seating 250 people each will be located on the Promenade deck (where her dining room originally was) and the boat deck. Other future amenities include a deli, cafť, wine and juice bars, a bookshop, banquet hall, meeting rooms, and a bible school. An amphitheater seating up to 70 people has been proposed. Originally scheduled to open in late 2016, work was still ongoing into 2017. In November 2017 a local newspaper reported that workers and heavy equipment were still on the site.

Now, she is also visible in the below screensave from Google Earth. One day, some day in the future, I hope to visit and perhaps even stay on her myself. Then, I can also write something about the visit in Captain’s travel bLOG. Sadly, like for the most of us, there is just not enough time nor are there enough funds to make it possible travelling to all the places we would LIKE to go and visit.†

If anyone knows more about the current status of the ship, have some images of the ship, or have been on board here recently, we would love to hear from you in her own post on CaptainsVoyage Forum.†

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