FINALLY, Canon comes with something new.

As many already may know, I’ have ever since early childhood had a tremendous interest in photography. I’m absolutely no expert in the field, but I do love taking pictures at different levels and within different environments. Ever since I made my first salary, I have held on to Canon cameras. You know, once you start buying several lenses and camera bodies, it’ll always be really hard to make the jump to other brands such as that yellow N-brand. If you do make the jump from one brand to another, you need not only buy new bodies but also lenses and accessories.†

Lately, I have had a sinking feeling that Canon has not been living up to their potential in Europe. In my opinion, it seems like the N-brand has been far more effective in Europe, while Canon has take a big chunck of the (South East) Asian market. Perhaps they have come up with an unwritten agreement: you get Europe, we get Asia-kind of deal?†

When I have a sinking feeling that Canon have not lived up to their potential, it’s mainly because the top model 1D X only presents 18 modest Mega Pixels. It is no secret that the N-brand’s top models deliver twice as many. Canon also seem to be pressing a lot of really SIMILAR but slightly different (?) models.†

According to rumour-websites, a lot of the latest new technology available, is however not built into all those models.†

Until now, according to this article in, Canon is launching a brand new model EOS 3D with astonishing 50 MP next year, in 2015.†

According to CR, the long rumored Canon high megapixel DSLR camera now is confirmed, it will be officially announced in 2015. The exact date when will be announced is unknown yet.

This high megapixel DSLR camera will not replace current EOS-1D X, so the name of this camera will probably named Canon EOS 3D, the price of this camera will not above $4,000. We have already got leaked image of EOS 3D before.

If the rumor has some truth to it, I guess it’s time to start saving some money. May I also wish for WiFi on this model?

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