Gann and Trollfjord

As most of my readers might know, Gann is the former coastal steamer Narvik and is now sailing as a school ship. During the summer months however, she sails a series of cruises on the coast of Norway to fund her career as school ship for the rest of the year. On the afternoon of July 22nd, she also came to Trondheim on her southbound voyage, and I managed to grab some shots as she passed Flakk at Korsfjorden (a small part of Trondheimsfjorden).†

I also managed to grab some shots of the Trollfjord the following day, on July 23rd, as she arrived and as she departed a few hours later. These head-on shots are popularly known at CaptainsVoyage Forum as “pakarang-shots”, which I find charming having an own style named after myself. †

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