Going down to the Titanic

I wish this would have been an entry in my travel bLOG instead of here in the ordinary Captain’s bLOG, but I highly doubt I will ever be one of the people going on a holiday down to the Titanic wreck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.†

From May next year, a London-based travel agency called Blue Marbel Private, will offer an 8-day long expedition to the RMS Titanic, including a dive down to the actual wreck. The plans are that the tourists are first flown to St. John’s, Newfoundland, and from there, to a basecamp-yacht at the ocean surface above the wreck. Each dive, three lucky guests will be sent down some 4000 meters to rendezvous with the world’s most famous ship(-wreck). During the dive, these guests will get to see the bow, the remains of the bridge and the remains of the grand staircase. The price for this exclusive excursion is estimated at some 105.100 US$ per person.

I wonder if they need someone to polish the submarine’s windows or if they need someone to pour the champagne during the dive?†

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