HDD: Different new beginnings

Many people cherish January 1st as one of the best and most wonderful days to wake up (as long as you have not partied to hard all night through). People are able to make a new beginning any day of the year, but at the doorstep of a brand new year, it’s always easier to make that change, to take that step and do what it takes to make the new year far better than the previous year(s).†

I made a quick dive into my HDD again, and came up with a few images that I’d like to share with you. Common for all these, is that they are all taken on January 1st.†

The first image is dated 2004, and shows three great family members on board the Crystal Symphony. It was true, at least back then, in the Crystal family, we didn’t talk about eachother as fellow crew members, but family. These three are night cleaners, and as far as my memory goes, the image appears to having been taken at deck 4, by shell door number 7, which also was the crew recreational area. Happy New Year guys!†

2004 01 01 Night Cleaners

The next two images that I have pulled out from the HDD are both taken on the 1st of January 2008, back in Bangkok. They were taken during a New Years dinner-party at my favorite river side restaurant in Bangkok, Khrua Rakhangthong. Oh, I do remember the food there back then - reasonably priced, big portions and the most delicious Thai dishes you can imagine. This restaurant was really hard to find the first time, but after making it my favourite, it was frequently visited with friends and people from abroad whcih came for holiday. It was always a sure hit! The best time to arrive, is in the afternoon when the traffic is at it’s worst, and before the restaurant gets filled up. You were sure to get a riverside table, the food got prepared fast, and you got to see the sunset and changing light with the river traffic. As some of you may remember, 2008 was right in between my first and second encounter with dengue fever. When I see this image again after a couple of years, I can clearly see how sick I still was on that day.†

Then, lets make a slight jump forward two years, and the warm Thai climate had been replaced by a freezing Trondheimsfjord. The next image I pulled out was taken on January 1st 2010, and as you can see, it was a very cold day. Having to choose between the tropical climate and this arctic climate, I’m quite sure which is to be preferred.†

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