HDD: January 3rd

Since today on the calendar states that the day is the 3rd of January, I have also found some images from this date on previous years, to share with you all. 

In the first image, I see from it’s file-name that it was taken on the 3rd of January 2004 at Cozumel, Mexico. In the image, the cruise-ship Imagination of Carnival is arriving at the Punta Lagosta cruiseship pier opposite from the Crystal Symphony. Based on my scarce notes from that day, I can only find information that I attended the Crystal Dining Room that evening on a formal night. 

In the next image, we make a considerable jump in time, a full five years forward. We then land on January 3rd 2009. Apparently, I’m out for a walk on the Marøybridge connecting Marøya from the mainland. It appears as if that day would have been a really cold one, as the open seas are smoking! Those are the same images, but in the second, I’ve tried to give it a more surreal feel through layered photoshopping. 

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