HDD: Seventh and Eight of January

Not too many hours after posting a link to my homepage and my blog here, on my FB photo-group, the two first “hate-mails” arrived in my inbox. Not surprisingly, the e-mails were from former Norwegian colleagues criticising my posts, my writing and the sharing of my images. According to this person, it’s not clear why in the world I want to share something so boring and meaningless as my memories and my mediocre photos. You know what? I couldn’t care less what these people think. I have seen their FB pages, and seen their attempts to look better, show their perfect lives, and their attempts to feel superior than everybody else. 

The bottom line is that this is MY life, and my choices. My life isn’t perfect in any way. I’m not perfect either. But, I’m quite content with my life as it is and nobody can ever tell me what to do, how to live my life and how to feel. 

Get real. 

Anywayyyyy…. here is the next installment of photographs which I hope at least some follwoers will enjoy. I should perhaps also let you know why I will be using this blog instead of the FB-page, and the main reason is that I want to fully control the stories, images and other content myself. FB has become a privacy nightmare with rules so hard to understand, that the average human can’t keep track any longer. 

The first image is dated 7th of January 2009. It’s a close-up image taken with the MPE-65mm lens (which I sold some years ago) of an old Titanic-model I did perhaps 25 years ago, or more. Yes, it looks really dirty, but that’s just dust. 

The next image was taken on the same day, and shows Rørvik from across Nærøysundet, during heavy snow. The building to the left is the NORVEG fisheries and local museum, while the building on the right is mainly call-center for tele-communications company Telenor and some other offices. 

Then, we make a one-year jump to the 7th of January 2010. From the image, it looks like it was a really cold day in Trondheim that day, when the coastal steamer TROLLFJORD awaited her departure southbound to Bergen.  

The final image from January 7th that I have selected is from 2012, and one that I really like. Please do not misunderstand me, I do not like winter or anything that has to do with winter, but I really like the way the image came out. Thankfully, it was taken in RAW-format and I could do a lot of modifications to the mood and colors of it. 

Continouing on the same blog entry, I move along one day, till January 8th 2004. The image below was taken at Tortola, and show the yacht “Shandor” at anchor. As you all know, Shandor is a name of gypsy/Romani origin and means “proud”. I can easily understand the owner being proud of a beautiful boat like that! 

The very same day, at the totally other end of the scale: a less beauitful work-boat. This trawler, I have no information about, but it sure looks like it’s about to be turned into a box of (rusty) nails. I don’t even have his name, nor am I able to read the name on her rusty bow. I liked the image though, exotic waters but a bit mal-placed perhaps? 

Exactly a year later, in 2005, I’m back in the same area? In the next image, taken on January 8th 2005, at Groot Baai, Saint Maarten, we see a part of the cruiseship Costa Classica. Today, she sails as the Costa NeoClassica and in December 2014 she set sail to a new home port in Port Louis (Mauritius). From January 11th through February 22nd 2015 the Costa neoClassica will offer four 16-day Indian Ocean cruises.

I actually have several more images selected from this day in 2005. That day, Paul Allen’s superyacht OCOTOPUS also arrived on the pier opposite from us. That is some increadibly rich-man’s toy if you ask me, measuring in at 126 meters length.  

Then, here is my final image from January 8th 2005, showing the beach at Groot Baai, and the downtown area of Phillipsburg, Saint Maarten. I think I have made several hundred visits to this port over my nautical career. My first visit was probably in 1989 or 1990 with the Royal Viking Sun, then after that, I came here once a week with the SS Norway. The place has always been the way I remember it, apart from the new dock for the giant cruiseships. 

Continuing onwards, a year passes by and the next year, 2006, same day, January 8th, I’m heading for Phuket, Thailand. From the pictures, I recon leaving Bangkok early in the morning, passing through Prachuap Khiri Khan some time in the afternoon. This place, is/ was one of my favorite places in Thailand. Love the beaches there, the seafood and back then, the lack of foreigners. 

While lunch seems to have been done at Prachuap Khiri Khan, dinner was according to the images done with some Thai friends at Bang Sak beach, Khao Lak. Judging from the picture below, I do look really tired. Driving from Bangkok to Phuket, via Khao Lak is a very long drive in one single day - perhaps as much as 12 to 14 hours of driving and around 1100+ kilometers. 

Late in the evening, after a long drive from Bangkok I arrived at Phuket. I guess these two next images are not good, and it ain’t so much to be proud of, but it’s still, it’s an “event” that I remember very clearly. Late at night, while looking for the hotel, I had to make a 180-turn on a dark stretch of road on the island. I put the car in reverse, but failed to notice the drop just at the edge of the road - and I got stuck at the side of a cliff.  

Then, let’s make a gigantic jump 6 years in time, landing at January 8th 2012. I was out hunting for the light at Trondheim, and got two images I was quite pleased with. All I remember from that day, by looking at the images, is that it was biting cold. But, after all, the light was good. 

So, these were the images on my hard drive taken on the 7th and 8th of January (after starting to get a system in numbering all the images). I guess it would be suitable to finish off with an image dated last year, 2014, from January 8th: my favorite Christmas tree ornament. I bet my grandmother would have shook her head seeing commercial items used as decorations. Times change. 

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