HRH Queen Sonja of Norway

Personally, I think the symbolic effect of the Norwegian Royal Family is something that can not be bought for money, and that they do a fabulous job keeping it all together for the best of the Kingdom. In Norway, there is a large opposition to the Royal family, but there is thankfully also those that have much deeper historical roots and knowledge about the past, which praises the job they do. I think our Royal Family really rocks!

Especially, HRH Queen Sonja is perhaps the one which shows best her tireless love for the country, it’s nature and wildlife. She is often seen hiking in the mountains, travelling to remote places around the country, and which recently were also spotted picking trash to clean up the shores around Sarpsborg together with Crown Princess Mette Marit! That shows way more character than any politician that I have ever seen in the country!†

Long Live the Queen, Long Live the Royal Family of Norway!

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