Japanese styled apartment buildings

I guess it would take quite some time before Japanese styled apartment buildings would arrive, be built and become popular here in Norway, but in Thailand, the Japanese market is quickly gathering momentum and popularity. I guess with Bangkok, unlike here in Norway, where space is a premium, this might be one great way to handle the limited areas available.†

As can be seen from the below cut-away of a building under planning stage in Bangkok, you may see under-floor storage areas, sitting areas and even refrigeration areas for food below the floor.†

Personally, I think this would be awesome to try out for a shorter period first - in order to see if this is a way in which I could permanently live in. I do love the smart storage areas being used, and built professionally, this could be quite genius.†

Also, I have in the past seen a BED which maximises so-called dead-space in a small apartment, that I would love to have made some day, actually I have seen a couple of versions of this one. Even though the second image is a single bed, it's one of those images I have saved in one of my special folders for my future home. Quite brilliant to say at least.†

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 14.45.06

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