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Some weeks back, my paid annual subscription to Vimeo PRO was up for renewal. I had not used vimeo for quite some time and I therefore opted to discontinue as a PRO-member. Doing that, I was warned a handful number of times that if I did not make a new payment by a set date, I would loose a lot of the material already uploaded there.†

At the peak, I had some 27 videos uploaded to my account at vimeo, but after expiry of subscription, there are now only 6 films left behind. Initially, they didn’t erase my most popular video EVER: the Serenissima Maiden Voyage-video, but upon checking today, that one is also gone from vimeo now. †

Back when I opened an account with vimeo, it was mainly because I would like to test out the options to youtube. What I learned over the years was that vimeo is a very good, professional and easy platform, but has a lot less users when compared to youtube. After using vimeo for some years, I also lost some of my passion making videos for a while.†

Now, some of that passion is back again, and I decided to open a new “Official CaptainsVoyage” account on youtube. If you haven’t subscribed, I would appreciate your support and likes. I’m no master at what I’m doing, and I don’t have too many subscribers yet, but I’m still having a lot of fun making videos and uploading new material.†

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