My Pride, My Thai part 40: Departure Bangkok

So, the hourglass finally emptied for the last time and I was on my way back to the airport. Like many ties in the past, my heart was filled with sadness and at the same time, love and appreciation. Everything I was doing was the filled with a feeling of†“being the last time”, though I knew at the same time, I could return again at any time I wanted to. It sounds quite simple, but it is in fact a bit complicated anyway.†

At the gate, HS-TKN Medininat was waiting for me. It was already late at night, just after midnight, the last conversations by phone were completed, wishes had been exchanged, and I really had no other option than to board the Boeing 777-300. Anyway, by this time, I was actually exhausted when I stepped on board the aircraft. I just wanted to go to sleep, and see what the next morning would bring me.†

But I felt had a chicken to pluck with Star Alliance. I’ve been a loyal member since December 1993, now for nearly 22 years, and have for the most part always tried flying only Star Alliance, but that might be about to change. Being a loyal user of this air alliance doesn't give you so much anymore. They have cut (as in slashed) the number of points you are able to accumulate at each flight to a bare minimum, and even not giving you any points at all. That is, unless you pay for a full fare ticket.†

At the end of summer when looking at my account status, I realized that only a couple of the flights this summer would be accredited frequent flyer points. When ordering tickets online, it is not very evident which booking class you buy your tickets... but that information is crucial for later, because only a couple of the booking classes gives you points. To find which booking class gives you point is not a single click, but rather a deep dive into the SAS website.†The actual number of points has also be significantly reduced over the years.

My loyalty to Star Alliance over more than 22 years has in simple terms given me a much worse membership than when I signed up in December 1993. It's the way that SAS and their partner alliance airlines says thank you for flying with us (if you don't notice, that was a sarcastic remarc). Anyway, SAS is no better, no worse than any other business in the world right now: it’s all about profits, profit margins and big salaries for exceutives.†

I just had to vent that opinion of mine.

No matter with whom you fly, no matter what you actually pay for your airfares, you are most†likely to arrive just as you planned. While the rest of the world have abolished classes, they remain in the skies - which is probably good, because I have flown and are still flying in all classes. The truly expencive seats in the front, does in fact fund the cheaper options in economy.†At the finish line, we arrive at the same time anyway.†

Have a wonderful journey!†

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