My THIRD surprise†

This may not be a big “surprise” per say, like my surprising command on the world’s oldest - and only - sail-steamship in thew world, the “Hansteen”, and the even bigger surprise announcing my restaurant which opened on August 8th 2018. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, months and year! But now, are you ready for “surprise” number three?†

No matter what you call it, but in September this year I’m heading back to the absolutely best city in the world again: to Hong Kong. I’ll off course be flying with ….. wait for it… wait for it…. no, it’s not Thai Airways anymore… it’ll be with the absolutely much more stylish and perfectly fine-tuned long haul flights with Scandinavian Airlines!†

When flying to Hong Kong with Scandinavian Airlines in the past, I have literally been blow away (or should I say “blown off the wing”) by this airline. In true Scandinavian tradition, SAS doesn’t often brag about their long-haul product, but it’s really, really good. When we look away from the food, I even have a strong feeling that SAS Business is even better than Thai Airways Royal First Class. I may have been “lucky” with my experiences in the past, but SAS is really one of those inspiring places I now would like to have my full-time job (if I could choose).†

Have you seen my previous experiences in my Captains travel bLOG?†

Their choice of colours, fabrics and their choice of materials in the Business Cabin is exactly to my liking for a extra-ordinary relaxing long haul flight that you really don’t want to end. In fact, I was lucky last time, heavy traffic at Hong Kong airport during arrival made our flight 20 minutes longer… I was in absolutely no hurry, I could have spent hours circling the skies above Hong Kong if seated in SAS Business long haul.†

This time, my round-trip tickets are in the Economy Extra class, but I have requested to be upgraded to SAS Business. I will know a few days ahead of my flight whether the request will be fulfilled or not.†

My visit to Hong Kong will be just short of three weeks, and I have a small plan to include a visit to Thailand too, to visit old friends and maintain my best friendships there.†

Have you ever been to Hong Kong, have you ever tried SAS Business long haul, or have you flown SAS long haul in any class lately?. Let me hear what you think of SAS, Hong Kong, or anything else related to this bLOG-entry. Im eagerly waiting to hear from you my readers.†

SAS Dreams Goes to Hong Kong:†

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