Norway is becoming overgrown

At the peak of this years tourist-season, it is so sad to see that our best viewpoints are overgrown with trees and other vegetation. The below image was taken a few days ago at Kristiansten Fortress (Festning), and in the past, we were able to see Trondheim town below. These days, the entire city is completely covered by trees when you stand at the mole around the fortress. 

This is not the first time, nor the first place in Trondheim (or many other places in Norway), that this happens. It’s the same rpoblem at several of the viewpoint leading up from Trolla to Våttakammen, and at the raised platofrm at Våttakaillen. Vegetation is covering up most of the view. The issue has been widely discussed in various forms of media, and there is also a man that has dedicated much of his free time documenting this landscape-change through the past decades. 

According to city officals at Trondheim Kommune, there are either no resources available, no money available, or the forest might be considered as “urskog”, or pre-historic forest in English. To me it sounds like nobody is able to make a decision on the issue, and therefore postponed until eternity based on excuses. 

In my humble opinion, when we have tourists coming to visit our city from perhaps far away, we have a (moral) obligation at showing them the very best the city can offer, and also make an effort in our presentation.

Do you see the vegetation taking over in your place, or do you have an opinion on the matter? Do you have some before and after images that shows this problem? I would love to hear what others think. 

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