Pictures waiting

It’s been a busy autumn, winter AND spring-time, but finally, it’s summer (to a certain degree). I have spent some time during late nights sorting through thousands of images, deleting a lot of images, and finally putting them in folders trying to arrange them as reasonable as I possibly can.†

Taking great pictures is only one step on the road. Once loaded onto the computer, they must be given names, edited, sorted, and placed in folders before they are ready to be shared. I have been really, really terrible at executing this work-flow and probably have gigantic room for improvement.†

A lot of the images are also crap to say at least: I need to become a lot better at trying to go for quality instead of quantity. I have way too many images that are not even worth sharing, nor worth the space on a hard drive. In the past, I have also had a tendency to take a lot of nearly identical images and thusoff course significantly increasing the after-work.†

On my external hard drive (+ the back up hard drive), there are probably some 400.000 images. A lot of them are scans of older “printed pictures” and a lot of them are from early digital cameras. They are therefore not in the same super-quality as images taken with cameras we have today, but some are great moments in my life. I have a BIG plan someday, to sort through this hard drive and either keep or delete those images that I find. It feels like a monumental task, and I will probably always find an excuse to start another day.†

Just look at some of my image-folders below, I even have 349 pictures from JUNE 2015 (trip to Thailand) which I have not yet shared with anyone but myself. †Then, I have some videos that I’m also working on for my youtube-channel.†

Creating videos for youtube, is actually a LOT of work and is not easy to find time doing. But, I still love doing it.†

I would really love to hear from any of my readers out there: do you have the same efficiency problem that I have, or are you an expert at your own work-flow?†

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