Planespotting in Hell

Yesterday (Friday March 18th 2016) was supposed to be a special day for planespotters at Værnes Aiport Trondheim (located near the place called HELL), with the expected arrival of a total of 3 Galaxy C-5 cargo planes from US Air Force, and a couple of other planes. I had asked an old friend to join me, and because the first Galaxy was expected at 07:00, I had to wake up at 5 in the morning. By 6 o’clock we were on the way to the airport. The day started really wet, with scattered snow showers and a really cold breeze. In hindsight, I should have dressed much warmer for the day, 

It was a long wait with hot chocolate and trying to get some shelter from the passing snow showers. The first Galaxy turned out to having been canceled, the second one was on time, and the third one never showed up. By the time I gave up all that waiting, I was deep frozen and had to surrender. 

It was however amazing to see the arrival of the Galaxy: it came in slow like a lost turtle, and landed like a Twin Otter in headwind. The landing looked more like the vertical descent of a helicopter. 

Photo-technically details are that I used my Canon 5D Mark 3, with a 600mm L-lens and a 2x extender. 

Below are some sample images, the rest will be posted in larger size in the Trondheim Airport Værnes / Hell Airport-thread at CaptainsVoyage Forum (starting at page 16 of that thread). 

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