Queen Elizabeth on CaptainsVoyage

Queen Elizabeth is on CaptainsVoyage: before you jump to your guns, I mean the SHIP, not the actual Queen! She came to Trondheim a few days ago, and I also created a youtube video for your enjoyment. New subscribers is most welcome, as well as anyone actually hitting that “Like”-button. There are many new videos uploaded during a week, as well as really OLD videos from my own time working on cruise ships and from other events in my life. I have recently started digitalizing a box of old VHS-tapes, so there are bound to be some “goodies” depending on what you are looking for.†


Here is just one image for your enjoyment, if you would like to see more images of this ship, and many others that visit Norway this cruise-season, I strongly recommend you visit†this thread at CaptainsVoyage Forum.†

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