Serenissima back home again

On July 20th 2018, the beautiful veteran-vessel Serenissima (former Harald Jarl), came back to her birthplace, Trondheim, Norway. There are few ships in my life that moves me like this ship does. Yes, she is old - nearly 54 years - but, OMG, she is so full of wondeful character and warm charm! She may not suit the most modern traveller with her laid back charm, but for those that wants to feel that they are actually on a real ship, this vessel is perfect!†

The day she arrived in Trondheim, I was doing my nightshift on the ferries further out in the fjord, and according to my calculations, I wouldn’t be anywhere near her when she arrived in the morning. Luck would have it, or perhaps it was all planned in the first place(?), she slowed down just about enough to bring me closer to her in order for me to get some truly memorable shots for my album, forum and bLOG.†

The below image serves as a “teaser” for the images that I will also post on CaptainsVoyage Forum, on page 96 of her dedicated thread.

Additionally, she also has her own pages here on CaptainsVoyage main page:†

Serenissima - Harald Jarl reborn

Serenissima - into the future

PS: There is a video also coming to the CaptainsVoyage channel on YouTube!†

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