Thai Airways direct flight Trondheim - Bangkok

Some time ago, I had a wonderful (re-occuring), but rather strange dream. From what I can remember about this dream, is that I was running really late for a very special planespotting trip to Vaernes airport near Trondheim, and that I had just missed the inaugural arrival of Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER to Trondheim. Never mind the actual facts that the runway here is just about too short, though I guess it should be possible to land an empty aircraft

I managed to park the car at the car park roof next to the airport just in time as the plane was ready to depart again, hence also missing the best viewpoint for their departure. But, that wasn’t the whole dream, it wasn’t all… because the plane would return a few hours later after having made a loop to and back from the UK mainland. Don’t ask me why it looped to the UK, but that is the great thing about dreams, they don’t need to make perfect sense. Though, it reminds me about Scandinavian Airlines flight from Copenhagen to Bangkok and onwards to Singapore, but which was abandoned many years ago (their Star Alliance partner Thai actually took over the route some time later).   

As they returned some hours later, I got the image I wanted, and with that, one of my big dreams was fulfilled: Thai Airways opening a direct route from Trondheim to Bangkok. How increadibly cool would that be? 

To me, it makes so much more sense than their direct flights from Oslo. Trondheim is in the middle of the country and would make this flight extremely popular with me and other s in Norway, as well as for those from the north as well. Oslo is the capital of Norway, but it doesnt mean they are the best option for a flight. I would presume most of Thais passengers from Oslo, or a large percentage of them, comes to Oslo with another connecting flight. A direct flight to Bangkok from Trondheim would make my commuting so much easier, and the best part of all, I wouldnt need to waste valuable time at Oslo Gardermoen airport any longer. 

The best part about this is that there are certain rumors about Norwegian intending to open a direct flight from Trondheim to the US within the next 2-3 years when they get more new aircrafts which are on order. I have no idea whether these rumors have much weight, but that would be great too

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