The big story - one of them! 

I have a pretty big story to share with all of you tonight. Well, it’s a big deal for me. After a week of preparations and inspections, I will eventually take command of the oldest ship I have ever commanded. 

The SDS Hansteen is the oldest and only operational sail-steamer in the world. She was originally built at Nylands Yard back in 1866 as a Norwegian Geographical survey ship, and named after the then current manager, professor Christopher Hansteen. She has a rich history as a royal chartered vessel for Crown Prince Oscar, as a local steamer in the inner parts of the Trondheimsfjord,  as a local steamer at Helgeland under the name Haarek, and as a hostel-ship deveral places. 

And today, August 2nd 2018, I finally got to take her out on my first command - from Fosenkaia to Brattøra in Trondheim. She is so basic, so elementary and so simple to operate, and vastly different from the ship I usually command. Her crew is all volunteers and such an amazing crowd. 

And the story doesn’t end there, after a couple of years with the boiler's massively expensive restoration and rebuilding, she is now getting ready for her first magical voyage. Tomorrow morning, she is destined to set sail on a fully booked cruise to Tautra and Levanger, where there is a fair going on. The next day, the Hansteen will sail onwards to Ytterøya, Mosvika and finally to Kjerknesvågen. The third and final day will take us to Mosvika, and Leksvika, before setting full steam for Trondheim again. 

And guess who is going to be the Captain of the oldest and only sail-steamship in active use? P

PS: There is another BIG story coming up as soon as I’m back from my expedition on the fjord. 

Here is more about the Hansteen… and for you to ask any question you may please. 

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