The electric future of Munken and Lagatun

It’s really hard to get my head around the fact that it’s nearly 8 years have passed since I flew down to Poland to pick up the brand new, highly advanced K. At that time, the Methan-powered car-ferries were the hype, and everybody predicted that the future would be natural-gas powered vessels.

Right now, we are much further down the road, and all the hype right now is battery-powered ferries. The world’s two largest battery-powered ferries are currently under construction at a tiny ship yard on the island of Gurskøy Myklebust Yards at the tiny village of Gursken. 

Soon, these ferries will be completed and named Munken and Lagatun, sailing the Trondheimsfjord from Flakk to Rørvik under the house-flag of Fosen Namsos Sjø. 

On CaptainsVoyage Forum, we have followed the past 8-9 years in an old thread called “RENAMED THREAD: The Korsfjord, and the official FLAKK-RØRVIK thread.but now, we will continue the story in this new thread called "The next tender: Fosen Namsos Sjø (FNS) is back at Flakk-Rørvik" which I invite all of you to follow and actively participate in. 

Lagatun on March 15th 2018 just after she arrived under tow from Poland. 

And then, on May 31st 2018, the second ferry - to be named Munken - arrived at Myklebust Yard at Gursken too. 

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