The second big story

As I promised you at the end of previous bLOG entry, there was another big story to be announced. For those of you that are connected through Snapchat, the “secret" has been out for a few days, but for others, this is the second †“official" announcement.†

As many of you may already know, I have been dreaming of partaking in a business for quite some time, and right now, I’m about to open a Thai / Asian street-food restaurant at Trondheim, as a part-owner.†

The restaurant is sceduled to be blessed by Thai monks early tomorrow morning, on the 8th of August 2018, after which the restaurant will surely open for business. †The menu will be based on Asian street-food with a few tables of in-dining as well as take-away.†

It’s been a long - and super-super-super-busy - way to where we are today, but we are now making the final preparations to open the business. Less than 24 hours left and we have a several tons of tings that needs to fall in place and be done - so, I’m off working my behind off one more day.†

Now, I need you all to promise me this: if you ever make it to Trondheim in the future, and we are still in business, please make a visit and taste our heavenly foods and dishes!†

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