Throw back Thursday - week 15

This time, on my third throwback Thursday, I have dug out this old photo from Royal Viking Sun.†This image is possibly from the second half of 1990 or sometime in 1991.†

I don’t remember much from the time the photo was taken, but I think I remember my cabin number: 809. The cabin was located all the way forward on starboard side of deck number 4 of the Royal Viking Sun.†On the wall to the left, there is a Equator Crossing certificate, and behind me, my stack of Kit Kat and Heineken. The paper Im holding up appears to be a work-log sheet, and since Im smiling, I must have a pretty nice salary to look forward to. Looks like the work included some white paint too.†

During this time, I was a†
deck-boy and my salary was just US$146 per month, excluding overtime payment. The other guy arrived as a deck-boy some time after me, and was also from Trondheim.†

Oh, these were among my best times of my life: sailing around the world on world cruises with a ship that was the world's best back then. Sadly, Royal Viking Line didn’t survive, and was shut down some years later.†

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