Throwback Thursday - week 29/2018

Today, on this Thursday in July, I will take you back to a time of my life which I still to this day, regard as perhaps the most beautiful time of my life. The year is sometime in the first half of the 90’s, the day is definately a Saturday and the time is just before sunrise. The place is on the bridge of the SS Norway, and the location is off course alongside Miami cruise port. 

From the image, I can draw a couple of conclusions: this must have been taken right after arrival, so I was most probably a  watch-standing officer of the 4-8 watch. Therefore, I’d like to believe this is either taken in 1993 or 1994. During my watch standing years serving on the SS Norway, after my intital years, I was most often assigned to the 4-8 watch. 

When I see this image, I almost feel so overwhelmingly sentimental that a tear is about to break out. The ship, that moment, that pride and that sight will never again repeat itself. This image serves as the ultimate time of my life: living a dream working on the most amazing ship ever built. 

The below image makes me recall so many vivid details of my life on the SS Norway: the warm weather, the sunrises and sunsets, the corridors, the unique smell on board, the bridge, the construction of the ship, the sounds (including her whistles), the ship’s history, the tender operation, the fellow crew members, the cruise, the ports ….. about everything comes to mind when seeing such a touching image from that special time of my life.

In conclusion, there was once made an advertisement video about the ship called “I am the Norway”… but, truth be told, and it stands to be corrected: “I was the Norway!”. 

Do you have any great moments from this most special ship? How did you know the SS Norway? 


199X SS Norway in Miami bridgeview-small copy

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