Throwback Thursday - week 30/2018

YAY! It’s Thursday and we are quickly heading towards the end of July, in fact, this is the last Thursday this July. Even though it’s been an usual busy work-week, I’m making an extra effort at pleasing those of you that are actually waiting for this week’s throwback. 

This week’s throwback goes to June 27th 2014 and shows the world’s oldest - and ONLY - sail-steamer in service: HANSTEEN. At that time, Hansteen was just about to be laid up for several years following imminent discovery of cracks in her boiler shortly afterwards. The ship would be laid up, and her boiler sent for expensive repairs. 

Next week however, the Hansteen will be making her very first voyage after the boiler repairs. Her wonderful crew are these days very busy preparing the ship for the trip, they have undergone an inspection with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate, and the ship’s certificates are valid again. 

On August 3rd 2018 at about 10:00 in the morning, the ship will set sail with 40 guests and 11 crew bound for Levanger, with a stop at Tautra as well. The next day, the voyage continues from Levanger to Kjerknesvågen with stops at Ytterøy and Mosvik. The third day takes the ship back to Trondheim, with stops at Mosvika and Leksvika. There will be entertainment during the voyage and there will be local, traditional food available for purchase at each stop. 

The first day is currently sold out, and the two last days are quickly filling. 

Surprises ahead, there will be a lot more to see of this ship I promise. 

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