Throwback Thursday - week 31/2018

It’s Thursday, and what a day it has been! But before I create another about just that, it’s time to look back in time and see if I can find a suitable throwback to share with those of you that keeps on visiting my bLOG.†

This week, I think it would be very suitable to take you back to August 2nd 2010… imagine, that’s exactly 8 years ago today! My biggest inspiration and the man I’d eventually like to be myself some day, a man that I hold very high and respect fully, came to Trondheim with his cruise ship. He invited me on board for a visit, and his usual generosity and friendliness was the trade of the day. This man is and has all that I would like to be and have: he is so professionally polite, endlessly corteous and also the most professional Captain I have ever had the honour of serving with.†

For all that he has done for me: teaching me so many tricks and ropes, I will forever be eternally grateful. I hope that I some day can pay back even a fraction of all the great moments and experiences you have given me. You will never be forgotten, and will forever remain as the pilar in my life!†

Simply said, there are some people in life that you meet, and will quickly forget, but then, there are those that most certainly will have a massive impact on your life. It’s like pay-it-forward…. be kind and respectful to others, and some day, you will eventually receive the same treatment back.†

I can’t say anothing else than a humble “thank you”, and hope that you realize what a positive impact you have had on my life.†

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