Throwback Thursday - week 35/2018

I really can't believe it, but it’s Thursday, and before nobody complains that I have forgotten my throwback again, here is my pick of the week from the box of photographic wonders. As I place my hand into the box and reach for the first photograph, this is what I found.†

The image is clearly taken back while I was serving on the SS Norway. The time-code stamped on the back of this old paper photpograh doesn’t make any sense to me at all, so no clue there. There is a clue in the photograph though, it appears as we are about to pick up the first tender - one of the "little Norway" tenderboats - at the end of a day at anchor off somewhere in the Caribbean. My mind seems to place this image to one of the several cruises we sailed to Saint Croix, as a replacement-port after a hurrican having decimated Saint Thomas - our usual port of call. I think timing of this image might be sometime during late 1995 or 1996.†

Did you ever sail on the SS Norway, did you work on the SS Norway - I would love to hear your stories too. Do you have any speical memories from the greatest ship ever built?† also has an entire section dedicated to the memory of the SS France and SS Norway.

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