Throwback Thursday - week 19/2018

Due to unexpected additional work, this week’s throwback is with apology brought to you a day late. This week, I will take you back in time some amazing 22 years! I truly, honestly can’t believe this was 22 years ago already!†

I think you all clearly are able to see WHEN this was taken, and WHAT ship it was taken beneath. But for those that doesn’t, this was taken in the old graving dock at A & P Shipyard in Southampton, UK, during the September 1996 dry-docking of the SS Norway.†

This was my second dry-docking with SS Norway, the previous dry-dock was done at Newport News in 1993 (another 26 years ago!). I have a lot of good and some not so good memories from both times, too many to tell. But, one thing you probably know, this was amongst the truly best years of my entire career. The SS Norway has (so far) been the ONLY ship of my life that I have felt truly passionate about: so much because of her incredible history, massive size, the way she was constructed, her endless beauty and perhaps most strangely of all, her unique SMELL. The last time I signed off the ship, I was truly heartbroken. I can honestly say that the SS Norway has probably been the biggest love of my life. That's how weird I am.†

Did you know that we have an entire section for the SS Norway on CaptainsVoyage Forum?†

If you are able to spot me in this old, grainy image, or if you have your own memories from the SS Norway, please let us here from you too! If you have other special times of my life you would like to hear from in my next Throwback, you may leave those wishes too!†

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I’m somewhere in this line-up, but I really can’t remember where I am.†

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