Throwback Thursday - week 21/2018

You all thought I had forgotten about the day today. Don’t worry, it’s throwback Thursday time again! And this time, I take you back to a wonderful time in my life.†

The time is apparently 06:30 or 18:30 sometime during 1990 and the place is on the navigation bridge of the SS Norway. With a sunburnt face, and long messy hair, I was at the time a deck boy on board the SS Norway. The drawing on the wall behind me was mine, and from 1987, the year I got to go on a cruise with the SS Norway as a specially invited guest of Knut Kloster and Captain Aage Hoddevik.†

I don’t remember who sent me this image a while back, nor do I remember who actually took it but this is actually one of the very few records I have of my drawing which hung on the bridge for at least 3-5 years before being removed (tossed?). Anyhow, may God bless whomever captured this moment and the whomever sent it to me so many years later. I treasure this image a whole lot because it stirs those most wonderful memories of my entire life. Additionally, the image contains many details from a ship that I truly loved like you can only love a person. Like the drawing, the ship is now history and will only be known by those who sailed on her and those that still remembers her.†

This image serves as one of the moments during the very start of my career at cruise ships - from that time onwards, there would be several thousands of nautical miles to sail before eventually gaining my own humble command.†

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