Throwback Thursday - week 24/2018 - on a FRIDAY!

I realise I haven’t taken any of you with me back in time for the past three weeks. Thankfully, nobody seems to have noticed the missing throwback Thursdays yet. I had intended to share a new image yesterday, Thursday of week 24/2018, but something got in the way at the worst possible time. As it always/sometimes does.

Yesterday, I was surprised to see a cruise ship in port, the “Marella Discovery”. She was not listed in the cruise list of Trondheim Port Authority, but I believe the ship most likely came to Trondheim in order to avoid a strong low-pressure system building further south. I so badly wanted to send some eyes in the skies to capture her inaugural visit, but the winds in Trondheim were also way too strong because of the same low pressure. As the safety-conscious person I am, I never take any risk when it comes to safety. †

Well, anyhow, lets get back to the “throwback Thursday” of the week - on this Friday. I have in the past throwback’s taken you way back in time, while this time, I’m only taking you back one single year. The image below was taken on June 15th 2018, and as you may see, at the port of Trondheim. At that time, I had just completed some shots of a departing cruise-ship with my drone. You can actually see the Holland America Line cruiseship in the background - I believe it was the†“Rotterdam”.†

For much of the whole spring and early summer last year, I was looking for a new car to replace my Toyota Hilux that I had been using for the last five years. The search for a new car took a lot of months, testing almost every single type and brand of car. Then, something happen one Saturday night and one of the cars at the top of my list, came within financial reach. The funny thing is, that at the time of this snap-shot, I had no idea that the Hilux was just about a month away from being replaced by what would become my current car.†

I guess the†“moral”†of this week’s throwback is that you never know what, and when things in your life might change for the better - or for the worse. Hence, you must always remember to enjoy every single moment as much as you possibly can.†

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