Throwback Thursday - week 25/2018

It’s Thursday again, ladies and gentlemen. Time flies when you have fun (read “busy”). A hectic week to look back at, a wonderful setting for my ADHD-flavour. This week, we go back exactly one year in time to June 21st 2017. With more than half a million images on my external hard drive, I have no idea whether this picture has been shared in the past or not. I also have no idea whether the story of the image have been shared in the past or not, nor do I feel confident I remember the day and the details correctly. Can I blame my forgetfulness to be a result of my advanced age?

On that day, a year ago, I was dressed to kill (flies), and flying roundtrips between Bangkok and Hong Kong on Thai Airways A380 and B747 to test their Royal First Class product. I believe this image below would be from the new whale of the skies: seat 1K on the A380. I call the A380 the whale of the skies, because the new queen of the skies is perhaps B777 or it’s close runner-up: the A350.†

The image is quite suitable for the time actually, as I yesterday read about a used A380 that had seen 10 years of service with a major airline and that had been listed for sale for a while. No takers were comfortable to take on the giant plane due to cost of purchase, rebranding, operating costs and maintenance. After a sale or new airlines didn’t fall through, this will be the first A380 to be stripped for useable spare parts and scrapped. Imagine being the first private company or person to buy the shell of a A380 and reuse it as a private home, hotel, or entertainment venue for airline-nerds like me. That would have been really cool to see - and expensive project!

Have you flown the A380, what do you think? Is there a future for such a large aircraft?

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