Throwback Thursday - week 26/2018

Again, it’s a Thursday on my calendar, and I suspect it’s a Thrusday at your end too. We all know what Thrusday means: it’s throwback time. This time, I take you back in time some 40 years or so. 

I recently visited an aunt of mine, and she had been looking through and cleaning out some old photo albums. The  image below is of the really old type - this ain’t no modern digital photograph with fancy filters and effects. This is me, the raw, young version of me. I have no idea how young, but from details in the image, I’m on vacation visiting my relatives at Sundalsøra some time prior to 1979: it could most likely be at the home of my “farmor’s" (mother of my father). 

Imagine that little boy, toothless and filled with hopes and dreams, at the doorstep of what would become a most wonderful life. If we are talking about time-machines, wouldn’t this be a great time to go back to? Kind of getting a second chance on my entire life, but with the knowledge and experience I have now. That would be an awesome new “try” at making my mark on the world. 

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