Throwback Thursday - week 27/2018

Sitting right besides me at my desk, is a big box with old, printed photographs that have not yet been scanned or in any other way digitized. These are images mainly from 1985 and onwards. I guess I have several thousand images to scan and share, so I could probably stay busy for a very long time if I go throwback once a week.†

The below image was one of the first images I pulled out of the box, and threw onto the scanner. This is an image from Trondheim while the Norwegian Coastal Steamer Richard With was doing one of her runs. On the back of the photograph, there is a small clue as to WHEN the image was printed: August 5.†

As far as I know, she sailed under the colours of OVDS from 1993 all the way until 2005 or 2006. This image is however most likely taken before 2000.†

You may not see it, but she also flies a flag at the bow, though it’s hard to see what flag that is.†

The image was taken with an APS-film camera, hence the “panoramic” format. Back when this image was taken, the APS (Advanced Photo System) was the hottest thing on the market. It was going to be the future and revolutionise traditional film. These APS film-casettes could be taken out of a camera at random and swithced back and forth, and they had 40, 25 or just 15 exposures. An APS camera could take images in three formats: H (High Definition), C (Classic) and P (Panoramic). The image below is clearly a Panormaic image.†

Now, all this is old history, and all of us have switched to digital. Things move fast, right?

Did you have an APS camera, or are you still missing the old, traditional film-photography?

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