Triple throwback Thursday - week 20/2018

Because tomorrow is Norwegian Constitution Day here in Norway, as well as a busy day at work, this week’s throwback Thursday comes a few hours before Wednesday turns Thursday. On May 17th, what is more appropriate than looking back at constitution day celebrations of the past?†

To my great surprise, I have many images from May 17 in the past, but very few of me (that I like myself). I have never been photogenic I think, or perhaps I’m just†overly self-critical.†

I have however found three images that I could share with you in a triple-throwback this week.†

The first image is dated May 17th 2546 - which should be 2003, exactly 15 years ago. This was during the time I was still a Bangkok resident, and working with Crystal Cruises. I don’t remember actually having the picture taken, but from the image, I can see that it was taken at my Pratunam home, with the unfinished and then abandoned construction which late would become the Offices at Central World.†

The second image appears to be from 2548, according to information in the file. As Thailand’s Buddhist calendar is 543 years ahead of our Christian European calendar, this would equal to 2005. From the image, I can see that this was taken at the residence of the Norwegian Ambassador to Thailand, in Bangkok, at the annual Constitution Day celebration party. From what I have heard, these parties are no longer held in the same manner as back then. For the keen eye amongst you, I’m wearing a shirt made from banana-leaves in the Philippines. This is actually the national costume of the Philippines and is called Barong Tagalog.†

Third image is dated May 17th 2554, as in 2011. Location is somewhere in downtown Trondheim, and the mission was apparently photography.†

Common for all three images, as I see them now, is the shocking fact at how “well fed” I appear to be. Glad I took some serious action and did not stay on that path! Did you also notice three different face-hair stadiums? LOL

In closing, if there are any readers of Norwegian descent at this page, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy constitution day, or as we say in Norway/Norwegian: “Gratulerer med dagen!”.†

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