Trondheim Airport and the Galaxy

Yesterday, a friend of mine was so kind as to alert me about a special aircraft at Trondheim Airport Stjørdal. As it was the day of a night watch, and not the best of weather, I thought about skipping the trip, but seeing a small spec of ble sky for the tiniest of minutes, I made an extra effort to make the trip. The aircraft in question may not be extra-ordinary special, but for our little airport, it’s definately not a common guest. I was hoping there would be two of them, as rumors had indicated, but one is still good enough. 

The aircraft was a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy transport plane belonging to US Air Force. According to various sources on the Internet, they apperantly have 52 of these in active service and 42 in som sort of reserve. The Internet also tells me that it is one of the biggest aircrafts in the world, only surpassed by the Antonov 124 and Antonov 225. In case you are in the market to buy one for your own use, the market price is apparently US$167.7 million for the C-5B version (whatever that is). 

The bonus shot is a much smaller 1999 built Boeing 737-600 SE-DOR, Elisabeth Viking, of Scandinavian Airlines. 

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