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CaptainsVoyage Forum is one of my puppies that first saw light of day back in … ehhh… I do believe it was early 2005. Sadly, due to health issues as well as a hectic work situation, I haven’t been as active as I would like in the year passed, but I hope to make it good in the year ahead. I have made it a “must” to at least sign in twice a week as long as there are a following which still enjoys reading what I post or which still enjoy seeing my images. Naturally, if that situation changes in the future, and there ain’t no more interest in my posts, I will however reconsider my time. As for the most of us around the world, one thing we definately do not have enough of, is time. 

Anyhow. In the section for posts about places and happenings in Norway, I and some of the members have started several different posts about and from Trondheim / Trondheim region: here is a selection of them for your enjoyment: 

This is Trondheim (70 pages long thread)

Day tripping to Samsjøen

Walking Ranheim - Rotvoll (Trondheim)

Let’s go hang-gliding above Trøndelag

Trondheim: New Residential Projects

Autumn in Trondheim

My walk to Våttakammen and Geitfjellet (Trondheim)

Day trip from Berkåk to Oppdal over Nerskogen

A small trip to Inderøya and Levanger

This is Forbordsfjellet

Norway 2050 - Trondheim 2050. What will it be like? 

Happy New Year - Trondheim 2011/-2 fireworks

A thread worth mentioning by another member, Seagull: Trondheim - as seen by Seagull

This is Tautra

May 8th 2011 at Kristiansten Festning in Trondheim

Norwegian National Day in Trondheim - May 17th 2011

Hansbakkfjæra, Ranheim (Trondheim)

Ringve Museum and the Botanical Gardens, Trondheim

Powered by Nidelven

This is DORA in Trondheim

Farewell to the Trondheim Central Railway Station

Chasing the light: Trondheim by night

A walk through Ilsvikøra, Trondheim

It’s all in a days walk: my images from a day out (Trondheim)

My hike to Gråkallen Mountain (Trondheim)

My quick trip to Mostadmark Jernverk at Malvik

This is the Norwegian Tram Museum, Munkvoll, Trondheim

This is Steinvikholm Fortress and monastery

Autumn by Nidelven River, Trondheim

My quick autumn trip to the mountains...

A daytrip to Hitra and Frøya

A trip with THAMSAVNBANEN Veteran Railway

This is Hegra Fortress, Hegra/Stjørdal

This is Hell - Have you been to Hell

This morning at Ranheim: out walking…

Full action in Trøndelag the coming days!

Trondheim Spring Odyssey

An hour at the Tyholt Tower

Christmas at Trøndelag Folkemuseum, Sverresborg, Trondheim

A daytrip to Åsen, and Stokksundet

Estendstadhytta - a cabin at the outskirts of the city

A walk around Ranheim

A visit to the Nature and Science Museum in Trondheim

This is a day trip out to Agednes

That should be HOURS, perhaps days of free entertainment for anyone interested, with the text and all the thousands of images in each post over several pages. Perhaps now you can understand my great disappointment when people send me e-mails stating that I’m not doing enough for the forum, not spending enough time, not investing in the forum and/ or are not fully into it. 

From a latest series of images that soon also will appear on CaptainsVoyage Forum. 

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