Unusual perspectives of Trondheim 

Here is perhaps a rather unusual view of the statue located at Trondheim city square. The statue of King Olav Tryggvason is located at the intersection between Munkegata (lit. the Monk’s street) and Kongens gate (lit. the King’s street) at a location which is known as Trondheim Torg (Trondheim city square). After the catastrophic city fire in 1681, the cityplan of Cicignons decided that the city suare of Trondheim should be an open air, square-shaped oasis measuring 107 x 107 meters. Today, at it’s center, ontop of a 14,5 meter high pedestal, the statue of the city’s founder, the viking king Olav Tryggvason is found. The statue was made by sculpturer Wilhelm Rasmussen, and unveiled on 18th of September 1921. The total height of the pedestal and statue is 18 meters. Around the pedestal, there was a sun-dial is laid into the cobblestone. The sun-dial was completed for the Olsok-jubilee in 1930.  

King Olav Tryggvason (Óláfr Tryggvason) was the king of Norway between year 995 and 1000, and is accepted as of of the central and most influential kings of the country. He is also known as an important person in the birth-history of Norway, building a strong and modern, Christian country with strong roots in the viking heritage and history. During his reign, is represented for his bringing Christianity to Norway, and for bringing the country together. He was furthermore the son of Trygve Olavsson, a small-time king at Viken, Østlandet (lit. the easter parts of the country). King Olav Tryggvason also built what today is known as Norway’s oldest church at Moster in 995, and then went on to found the city of Trondheim in year 997. 

King Olav Tryggvason was eventually killed in the battle at Svolder, possibly near Øresund, in year 1000. The battle is believed to be a fight against foreign dominans on his country, Norway. 

Statue of the Last Viking (den site Viking) at Ravnkloa, Trondheim’s famous fish market. Sculpture by Nils Aas.

Statue of the Last Viking (den site Viking) at Ravnkloa, Trondheim’s famous fish market. Sculpture by Nils Aas.

A small part of the famous and truly iconic island Munkholmen (the Monk’s island) just outside the port of Trondheim: a former monastery, prison, and fortress, now turned recreation area with cafe, beach and museum.  

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