When an Apple suddenly goes rotten...

Last night, as I was doing my banking online, everything suddenly froze and appeared as it would never come out of it. As we normally do, I force-restarted the MacBook Pro, but as it tried to start again, it suddenly told me that there was no operative system installed. This is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen, apart from death, to a modern human being. The timing is never good, when it comes to crashes.†

I tried for some 6 hours running Disk Utility to repair errors, rebooting, starting up in Safe Mode, I tried restarting in Verbose Mode, I tried the very geeky and magic command-line prompt fsck -fy, and I tried resetting the NVRAM and even the SMC (System Management Controller). So far, nothing has worked for me. As if that wasn’t enough, I tried restoring from a Back UP (because I know I have some recent back-ups) through Target Disc Mode, but it didn’t find any back up. Finally, I tried reinstalling OS X, but even that stops dead in it’s own track after a short while.†

All my computer-knowledge set aside, I can’t seem to get a break from things falling apart around me these past months, and I guess I have no other option than being forced to take it to the dealer to see if they are able to work their magic in exchange for some cash.†

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