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This page has been created for those that have worked on board in any position or capacity, either on the S|S France or the S|S Norway as an officer, staff or crew member. If you would like to share your story with us, please let us know. 

Please send us an e-mail with information on when you worked on the ship, any special memories from this (these) contract(s) and we will add them on this page as a tribute to the ship. Please also include your rank, cabin number if you still can recall, and any other particular events, including a photograph or two…

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SS Norway Norwegian fire fighters, with Chief Fire Fighter Svein Gramstad in white.

Photo by Jan-Olav Storli, dated July 1990.


Awaiting your information....


Awaiting your information....

Larry Newman (Musician): 1985 - 1986

> I love your website. Such great memories. I played trumpet on the Norway in 1985-1986. Please visit my website and salute this great ship at

Roald Einan (Plumber and Second Engineer): 1981 - 1987

> I served 6 years on the Norway as a second engineer from 81 to 87 as plumber, and a lot of good memories from this time.

Troll Tobben (Chief Pilot): Summer 1984 - ??


Svein Christensen (First Officer): 

> Hello Jan-Olav. i am happy to see that you have made the ship the favour and made a great photo galerie.As you and i know, this is a lady to remember. I have lots of good memories from my life on board, as i served as 1.officer. I allso made lots of good friends onboard who i stil have contact with, like you Jan. Bra du har udodelig gjort Norway. Spennende å folge henne videre. godt hun ble stoppet for det ble spiker. Keep on giveing us photos.

Thomas Axelsen (First Officer): March 1996 - August 1997



Svein Lillevik (First Officer Jr.): July 2000 - June 2001

> ...

Geir-Endre Johansen (First Officer): 1996

> Hello there Jan Olav, long time no see. Guess it was here in HOnningsvåg in 2005 when You was here with one of the Crystal ships i spoke a few words with yOu on the radio. I really like ther pics of The Norway You have gathered. If there's something in my life there's missing, is the Years I spent onboard there. For sure. It's a national scandal that a ship with such a uniqe story are sent to scrapping. Do You remember the problems with MCA in Southampton after drydock in -96? Anyway,it would be nice to hear from You and what You are doing now. I see You have left the sea, so what's Your mission now?? Looking forward to hear from You.  

Jan-Olav Storli (GPCII/ Utility, First Officer, Safety Officer): June - August 1990, June 1993 - April 1997. 

> My story and connection can be read other places her on 

Gunnar Reiersen (Boatswain): 1980 - 1987

> An exellent website. Many fine pictures. I was a boatswain on the SS "Norway" for seven years. As long as she had a norwegian flag on her stern. I have many good memories from those years, 1980 - 1987.

Brenda Ryder (Ship’s Nurse):

> Hi Jan! Hvordan er De min venn? I was so excited to find your site after browsing through the photos on the "" site. It has been a trip down memory lane, and it makes me very sad to see what has become of her. I especially enjoyed seeing the photos of the Crew Bar even if it is in such awful disrepair - it really brought back so many wonderful and funny memories! I only wish the "" site or your site had some photos of the Medical Department - Joy, Dorothy and I would love to see what it looks like now! I have dozens, if not hundreds of photos of the Norway taken during the 4 years I called her home - inside, outside, sailing, during drydocks in Newport News and Southampton, and I have always meant to scan them. Perhaps this will give me the impetus to finally do so. But I would like to share them with other fans of the Norway. If you are interested in using them please let me know. You can contact me through the Crew Newsletter website - Goodbyt og tar bekymring Jan Olav!

Derinda (Ship’s Nurse): 1999 - 2001

> Hello, I too have been touched by the S/S Norway. I was a ship's nurse from early 1999 through 2001. Some of the most exciting years of my life. I am so saddened by her plight.

Jarle (Firefighter): 2001, 2003 and 2005

> Thanks for nice web site with a lot of history.I have been working for a short while for NCL. I was one mounth on the nice ship S/S Norway as firefighter in 2001 and also nine months on M/S Majesty. Many good memories and nice days in the sun.I have also been one month in 2003 and 2005 as a vacation reliver firefighter.Nice to se familier names on the guest book like olav gustad. I am working as a firefighter shoreside in Bergen. I are a good friend of Tor Finnvik as you now from earlier.

Finn Skorge (Supply Officer): 1998 - 2004

> Supply Officer onboard the S/S Norway 1998 - 2004.

Roald Einan (Plumber): 1981 - 1987


Bjørn Kåle (Electrical Engineer): 1990 - 1991 and 2001 - 2003

> The grand old blue laidy deserwe something better than be turned down on a beach in the fare east!!. She had given mee a little part of her sole the time i svetting whit here down in caribia but i never forget her S/S Norway is one of a cind and i miss the grand lady.

Sverre Eriksen (Second Engineer): 1981 - 1987

> Served 6 years on the Norway as a second engineer from 81 to 87 mostly in deck machinery as life boats, tenderboats winches for lifeboats, had an accident in launching Little Norway 1 in St. Martin in 87. Had a sicklive for one year cause of that. Best time i ever had at sea, working with the plumbers all around the ship was insperating, such a good tone.

Lourdes Pangilinan Lillevik (Cruise Staff/ Hostess): May 2000 - August 2001


Paul Puppo (JAR Crew / Lighting Technician): 1997 - 1998

> Thank you Jan-Olav. I really enjoyed the pictures of the s/s Norway. I worked on board as part of the JAR crew in the Saga Theatre. I was the Lighting Technician 1997 - 1998. I'm terible with names, but I don't think I ever bumped in to you. I am sickened by what has happened (is happeneing) to the Norway. At least she will sail the seas, proud and true, in our memories. Thanks.

Jeff Savagian (Musician): November 1980 - September 1984

> Was a musician on board SS Norway from 11/80 - 9/84. Met many incredible people thru the Norway including my wife.

Christina Kristoffersen (Casino): 1990

> I worked in the casino on the Norway 1990 on and off till 99, RV Sky, Sun, Queen. Now living in St. Tropez watching the cruise ships sail by, some do call in to port here. Get many ship mates come to our crew bar. Was invited on the crystal and the world to visit. Sailing on the Queen Mary next, but as a passenger...see how the other half live. Great site. Be over in Oslo in the new year to see my Norwegian friends.

Laurie Furtado (Position not known): Summer 1987

> Thanks for your tribute to the SS Norway! I worked on the SS Norway during the summer of 1987.

Scott Kinney (Shore Excursion): 

> I feel so lucky to have discovered your website today! And, you look so familiar! Jan-Olav, perhaps we were friends many years ago! I worked as Shore Excursions Manager for both NCL and Royal Viking Line back in the mid-1980s thru approx 1994 (with one year during this period spent with Princess Cruises). But NCL and RVL were and still are my first loves, although since those days I've worked onboard the QE2, and was later Travel Manager for 5 years with Seabourn, and most recently another 5 years with Silversea. I hope this important website will help to bring together old friends from those glory days of NCL and RVL. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember working with me back in those wonderful days! Jan-Olav, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU for taking the time and effort to put this website together! Thank you!

Walter (Position not known): 1979 - 1982

> Hi from the M/S Norwegian Dream I was on the Norway from 1979 to 1982 one of the first crew members.

Steinar Hoybakk (Position not known): ...

> Thanks for this page Jan , from a former co worker on Norway and Royal Viking Sun

Marianne Forrest-Loveless (Position not known): 1980 - 1984

> I worked onboard S/S Norway from 1980 - 1984-Some of the best friends and memories of my life-Love to you all.

Mary Haws (Position not known): 1985 - 1986

> As a former crew member on the Norway(85-86) and having first fell in love with her in 82, I can relate to your passion. It was, and is a mystery, but I am ever greatful I had the experience, especially meeting my Finnish husband of 18 years who was also a crew member! Thanks for the ride down memory Lane!

Cedric (Position not known): 

> Hi Jan Olav... A big thank you for your outstanding website. I did work a year on the s/s Norway and she is definitely by best experience ever made at sea. That was really great and I'll never forget her ! Happy sailing ! Cheers.

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