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The S|S Norway was an immense operation when it came to food and food preparation. She was the largest in the world and the numbers from the galley, was all so much more than what a normal family would go through in a whole life time.

This page has been created in order to try collect some of the food and beverage informations related to this vessel. This is a tribute to those that made all the good food on board in the warm steam filled galleys and to the Executive Chef's who commanded them.

If you would have any corrections to the below list or any additions, please let me hear from you right now. It is only with your help and dedication this list can be assembled fully together.

Welcome to the culinary heart of SS Norway - this is the Galley Tour.

The main galley is situated between the dining rooms on Atlantic Deck. We provide the daily meals for up to 2400 passengers each cruise. Your breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks, dinners and midnight buffets are all prepared here. Our food department is manned by over 160 crew members of 17 different nationalities under the supervision of the Executive Chef and two Sous Chefs.

One deck below, on Biscayne Deck, is where the crew galley is located. This galley provides meals for our crew of nearly 950 people.

The provisions are stored in storerooms, refrigerators and freezers on the two decks below the crew galley, Caribbean and Dolphin Deck, and the food for each meal period is brought upstairs to the main galley. There is also a butcher shop where the meats and fishes are cut.

On Saturday's we bring on board enormous amounts of food. Here is a small selection from our grocery list:

  • 10.000 lbs of beef
  • 1.500 lbs of veal
  • 3.000 lbs of seafood
  • 6.000 lbs of poultry
  • 7.000 lbs of potatoes
  • 7.000 lbs of flour
  • 10.000 lbs of fresh vegetables
  • 10.000 lbs of fresh fruit
  • 6.000 gallons of juices
  • 7.000 gallons of milk
  • 7.000 portions of tea
  • 300 lbs of coffee


This is the place where cold salads, appetizers and chilled soups are prepared. All of the displays and vegetable carvings are created in this area.

"Hot Galley"

Here, the waiters go along the line ordering main courses from the cooks. The dishes are cooked to order under the supervision of the Executive Chef and Sous Chefs.

"Roast Station"

Our ovens can also operate as steam ovens. We roast the food here just before it is needed. The large kettles are used to sautť, fry and prepare sauces.

"Soup and Vegetable Kitchen"

The daily soups are prepared in six large kettles that are heated with the ship's boiler steam. The vegetables are also prepared in this kitchen, where they are cooked to order.


Can you imagine washing 25.000 pieces of China or more than 6.000 glasses a day? We have dish washing machines which help us do the job.


We make all of our desserts and pastries fresh every day to be served at lunch, dinner and the midnight buffets.


Our bakery is manned 24 hours a day to provide you with the freshest breads and rolls possible. We bake about 100.000 rolls and 20.000 loaves of bread each week. The croissants and breakfast pastries are baked fresh every morning.

We hope you enjoyed the Galley Tour of the SS Norway.

Executive Chef

SS Norway

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