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This page has been created for those that have sailed on board either the S|S France or the S|S Norway as a guest, and would like to share their story with us.†

Please send us an e-mail with information on when you sailed with the ship, any special memories from this (these) cruise(s) and we will add them on this page as a tribute to the ship. Please also include your stateroom number if you still can recall, and any other particular events, including a photograph or two.†


Awaiting your information...


Awaiting your special story...

G. of S. Florida (member of CaptainsVoyage Forum) : I had posted this on the old forum. My favorite memory was walking the decks at 2 or 3 in the morning. Most people had turned in for the night and the only sounds were the bow of the Norway cutting through a 1 to 2 foot sea. If you looked over the side you could see the foamy wake as she made her way to the next port of call. The night was beautiful, warm, very humid but not uncomfortable. When I posted this on the old forum you posted the perfect photo of how it was. As I said it was beautiful.

In 1983 I was 22 and needed a vacation from work. Although I couldnt find another person who could afford the trip, I booked a cruise on the NORWAY by myself. It was a week I will never forget. My cabin was an inside on Biscayne deck and the number was B-136. The entertainment was "Sheilds and Yarnell" Norm Crosby and The Fifth Dimension. There was a "broadway" play onboard (My Fair Lady). That week lead to a "love affair" Ive had with the ship ever since.†My question involves a book I read prior to booking the cruise. It showed a picture of the NORWAY in all white livery (hull included) with a big sunburst (early NCL) logo on the aft side. Was this ever done? Did NCL ever have the ship painted in this scheme? Also...I remember the way to get to the indoor pool was via a "rather out of the way" staircase off of the main staircase into the former first class dining room. Was this the main access for passengers or was I using a crew stairway that I shouldnt have been. Thanks for a great site and for unleashing some fond memories. Submitted by “DCT61”.

Thank you for keeping the SS Norway alive. My wife and I sailed on her for our honeymoon, boarding her in Barbados for the second half of a 2 week cruise. As we boarded, the HMS Invincible was also in port returning from the Falklands. What a sight! We had a fabulous time aboard the Norway. Our cabin was a Junior Suite on the port side towards the bow of the ship complete with three large windows. This was our third and last cruise on NCL and the absolute best cruise we have taken. Service was top notch from the Stewards to the Wait staff. I remember walking the top deck late at each night to get away from the crowd below and to see the name Norway illuminated. Beautiful. As we prepare to celebrate our 25th anniversary, I wish that we could walk her decks again. It saddens me to think about her on that beach in Alang. What a waste. Maybe this year my wife will remember our actual anniversary date. All these years, she remembers June 23 as the date we married when in fact the date was the date we boarded in Barbados. Once again, thank you for keeping her memory alive. David B. Boies, Jr., Mound, MN USA

Hello from Ft. Lauderdale. Interesting webpage you have here, especially all the stuff on SS Norway. I have visited her many, many times when I lived in St. Thomas in 1985 and 1986. Will look for the aviation forums: That is how I make my living: Hauling planes across the skies from Florida to South America. CaptainsVoyage Online Magazine member† - Dag Hanssen

Dear Jan, Just want you to know that I have found your website to be great. I especially enjoyed the multitude of your photos from the SS Norway. I believe my wife and I were on the ship the same time you were back in 1992. Keep up the great work. My wife is looking forward to seeing your photos of Antartica, especially if you got some of penguins. George. CaptainsVoyage Online Magazine member - Gulf of S. Florida

What a great page ! I was onboard the "Norway" Febr , 1994 as passenger under your "command"...I'll never forget this voyage ! I do hope that the Lady is not scrapped ! Christian Siegert

Want to thank you for the opportunity to relive the best week of my life on boars the ss norway thank you for the wonderful memorys hoe to see you on board one day soon. Timothy Anderson.

Travelled with the S/S Norway in 2000 :-) Dan Viggo Vaerum

Nice site. I cruised on the Norway in 1994. A Google on the Norway turned up your site. Very nice! Steve.

Hi! Nice webpage with a lot of nice pictures of the Norway. I can't describe how sad i am about her destiny. As a child, i admired her a lot, and i remember how i advocated her as the largest cruiseliner in the world when us kids were argueing about it :-)† I've always dreamt of sailing with her.† Keep up the good work!† Ben Cato Malkenes.

Wonderfull page! - I agree SS Norway is the last of the great ships. I had a chance to see her (farewell cruise 2001) No other cruise has been as great as NORWAY! I also have an NCL video with YOU in it. Good Job. Tom Kuenzi, California USA.

The web site and photos are great, I worked for NCL for 15 years (shoreside). Capt. Lokoen and his family were good friends of ours. God rest his soul. I know Lokoen would roll over in his grave if he knew what NCL/Star did with the Norway. Do you have any photos of Lokoen? We have several however we can't locate them. I have probably met you before. I use to bring my wife and child to the bridge on the Norway all the time and we have partied several times in Lokoen's cabin. You know Lokoen, He always had good parties. What are you doing know? Keep up the good work. John Stewart.

Very nice site. I especially enjoy the cruise ship pictures as I am a avid cruiser having completed 39 sailings with 5 being on the Norway. Craig Rashid.

I love the SS Norway as well, and I am very saddened by Its current situation. I traveled on the SS Norway in 2001. Mike O'Parka.


My husband and I took our adult children and their spouses on a cruise almost 20 yrs. ago and what fond memories we have. Even to this day the children still bring up incidents from our cruise. Sorry to hear about the fate of such a lovely lady that will always be in our memories. Barbara Hollingsworth.

Great website. I had the privilege of sailing the Norway twice with my family. She was a beautiful and classy Lady. Jo Lee.

Fondly remembering the SS Norway and Royal Viking Sun from my home outside Atlanta, Georgia. Would love to connect with crewmember, staff and officer friends who worked with me on the ships of NCL and RVL back in the mid-late 1980s and early 1990s. Thanks for this great website! --- Scott Kinney.

I only learned about the SS Norway in January 2007.† I am very shocked about her demise.† I was inquiring online about the Norway so that I could book another cruise on her for October 2007 for my 20th wedding anniversary.† In October 1986 I was supposed to sail on one of her sister ships, but got a phone call from my travel agent two weeks before we sailed, to let me know n.c.l. over-booked my cruise ---but she said "don't worry, your getting bumped to the largest ship of all!!!! I went on the SS Norway for a 7 day cruise and met my future husband on the 3rd day.† By the time we docked in Miami to go our separate ways (I'm from Tampa , Florida ,† he is from New Haven , Connecticut ) he asked me to marry him. We were married a year later in October 1987 and reside in East Haven, Connecticut. So YES I'm very sad to see her go. I've enjoyed this site. CaptainsVoyage Forum, member: 86NORWAY

My wife and I enjoyed our Honeymoon on the Norway in June 1984. This was our 3rd cruise on a NCL ship. We picked up the Norway in Barbados and sailed back to Miami. We were in port with the HMS Invincible on her way back from the Falklands. The Norway was a beautiful ship. Due the manner in which NCL has handled the Norway since her boiler explosion, we will never again book a cruise on NCL. Dave Boies.


Hi Jan, I worked in NAL from 1977-1979 and NCL from 1997-2001. Work presently for a Norwegian company, but has residency in Hollywood Florida. Sigve Bru.

I sailed on the Norway three different times. She was by far my favorite ever! I sure wish she was still in service. I miss being on her. Carol Komsthoeft.

lovely ship remember her new arrival at southampton UK. Normanbanks.

Sailed in 82 and loved her so much became a crew member from 1-85 to 4-86 met my crew member husband and in 01 took our kids on to see where we met!! Mary Hagan.

Lightly translated from Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet dated 18th of August 1999: Al and Asta Carter marries on New Years Eve 1999 on board the SS Norway. The wedding ceremony will take place at 12:00 noon in Saint Thomas, USVI. The wedding party starts at 18:00 hours on board in their suite, enroute to Saint Maarten. Everybody who wishes to join in are welcome to share our happiness.

I have sailed numerous times on the S/S Norway and loved every minute. I've been very sad about her plight. I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Allan Davisson.

My late husband and I sailed the lovely SS NORWAY in Aug. '92, just 2 days before Hurricane Andrew came in. And also sailed her in June '94, finally in '02. We were supposed to have sailed on her on Nov. 8th, '03. Very sad to lose such a fine liner. My husband loved the ship. This is the most excellent site to see and read about the SS NORWAY. I hope to add some photos that you might not have. Spending 3 different cruises on this ship was a grand experience. They just don't make them like her anymore. Deborah D'Ambrosi.

Was one of the original Gift Shop girls send over to Germany (1980) to log merchandise in the warehouse and set up the gift shops (I worked in the Drug Store), even helped lay the floor in our storeroom.† Sailing in to Norway for the first time was magnificent, then the crossing to New York , then on to Miami .† What a fabulous time.† There is a NCL reunion cruise (see Face Book) this November 2009 would love to connect with some of those people again. Great Job on this site! Donna Allen Jordan

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